Super Fugue (1998)

The list below shows the 12 songs on Super Fugue, plus who wrote them, and when:

Personnel on Super Fugue:
  • Kyle Kipp - guitars & vocals
  • Eric Kipp - bass guitar
  • Jason Hofer - drums
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    This recording Copyright © 1998 Sin Embargo. All rights reserved.
    Super Fugue is Sin Embargo's first CD, and third album overall. After Underneath was recorded in the summer and fall of 1994, the band (mainly Kyle) continued to write some more new songs. By August of 1995, there were five completed post-Underneath Sin Embargo originals that Kyle, Eric & Jason Hofer wanted to record - just because they felt that these were the best Sin Embargo songs yet. So, they contacted their new friend and recording connection: bassist Joel Butts of the old Owosso-based rock band "Glen Related". Joel had recorded Glen Related's 1994 self-titled debut CD, and Kyle, Eric & Jason really liked it. Plus, Joel had a bunch of new digital recording and mixing equipment and accessories (which were even better than what Duck Ankles had!) that they could utilize for far less than a regular studio would have cost. And, Joel's rockin' production values were far more in line with what Sin Embargo had in mind for their next album. So, on August 14-16, 1995, Joel drove to the Kipps' house (a.k.a. "Cat Box Studio") in Elba, Michigan and set up his equipment in their dining room and living room to record. (Luckily, the Kipps' parents were out of town for a couple weeks!!) The songs "Kind", "The Fishermen Got Caught", "In Need", "Homemade Water", and "Rotund" were bashed out in fine form on 16-track digital recordings. They were quickly mixed by Joel and Jason one day the following week, and nicknamed "the 5-new-songs EP" and/or "the August '95 demo" and/or "the First Half of the 3rd Album". The plan was that when four or five more new songs were completed later that year and in early 1996, they would have all been recorded by Joel and combined with the August '95 sessions to create the third Sin Embargo album by the summer of '96. However, Kyle and Eric went away to school in the fall of '95, and subsequently Sin Embargo's songwriting schedule was thrown all off whack. Eric and Kyle wanted to have more recording sessions for the third album in March 1996 at Joel's newly roughed-in studio in Owosso, Michigan, but since no new songs had been completed during the school year, they just ended up digitally remixing Nevertheless (Fixed & Remixed). Additionally, Jason had planned to attend The Recording Workshop in Massieville, Ohio during the spring of 1996, and he insisted that Sin Embargo postponed their pending recording sessions until after he returned in late July '96 - just in case he learned some beneficial recording and/or mixing techniques that could help make Sin Embargo's third album their best sounding recording to date.

    Finally, on August 11, 1996, Kyle, Eric & Jason returned to Joel's studio in Owosso to record the rest of what would become Sin Embargo's third album. Kyle and Eric had wanted to re-record a few older, previously released Sin Embargo songs because they had better equipment to play and record with, and they also played (and sang) many of these songs better at that time than they did when these songs were originally recorded. This was also good to fill out the rest of what would become Super Fugue because the old songs had not been released on CD before, and the only totally new song that Sin Embargo had written since the August '95 sessions was the killer "Power Me". With Joel and Jason engineering, Sin Embargo cranked out the brand-new song "Power Me", plus re-recordings of "Rotund" and "In Need" and touch-ups on the other three August '95 recordings, and remakes of six older Sin Embargo songs in mid- and late August 1996. Mixing of these twelve recordings commenced in early September '96 and continued in early October '96. It looked as if Sin Embargo would finally get a new album out by early 1997 - a far quicker and stronger effort than what Underneath had ended up being. But, this notion fell apart when Joel's studio (now ironically named "Watchtower Recording") was broken into and vandalized on October 7, 1996 - the day after Sin Embargo had completed mixing the album. Thankfully, Sin Embargo's master tapes were not touched by these morons, but much of Joel's equipment - including all that was needed for mastering of the album - was either stolen or damaged. Luckily, Joel got all of his equipment back, but was unable to hold mastering sessions until mid-January 1997, when all was pretty much reassembled. Some scheduling problems with Jason and the others delayed digital editing and mastering till February 7-10, 1997. Joel Butts and his then-partner Greg Cochran tried their best to burn off CD-R masters of Super Fugue in April and May of '97, but technical difficulties prevented them from properly completing the task until mid-July 1997. Some pre-production promo copies were sent to various local radio stations for advance airplay, while Kyle & Eric started to decide on album artwork, etc. during the fall of 1997. However, due to some sonic flaws, the final production master DAT tape was remastered once again on November 24, 1997, so this pushed the manufacturing date back some more. Sin Embargo finally got the CD sleeve layout completed in early May 1998 and the CD itself went in to be manufactured at World Class Tapes in Ann Arbor, Michigan, on May 12, 1998. After about one-and-a-half years of irritating delays (and two personnel changes in the band), Super Fugue was finally released on June 27, 1998. Check out Sin Embargo's merchandise page for the CD's pricing and availability.  Since it's late June '98 release, Super Fugue has been selling steadily at Sin Embargo shows and other locations around mid-Michigan, and has also been getting some radio airplay and favorable press reviews.  A couple of tracks (namely "Rotund", "In Need", and "Power Me") have also been included on compilation CD's.  In 2000 and 2001, songs from Super Fugue have been included in independent movie soundtracks, such as While Supplies Last (which featured "Kind"). Stay tuned for the latest!!

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