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Jason at Watchtower, March '96Jason practicing, June '96
LEFT: Jason at Watchtower Recording studio, March 1996. (Photo by Kyle Kipp.)
RIGHT: Jason at practice in Cat Box Studio, June 1996. (Photo by Vita Kipp.)
Jason became Sin Embargo's 4th drummer in November of 1993, but handed the percussion tasks over to successor Ed Stark in January 1997 because he was preparing to get married and relocate out of the Lapeer area in June 1997. Jay was born in Lincoln Park, Michigan on December 18, 1972, and was raised in Clarkston, MI before moving to Lapeer in 1987 and graduating from Lapeer West High School in June 1991. Jason attended the Recording Workshop in Massieville, Ohio in June & July 1996 to obtain three certificates for studio recording engineering. That was one reason why he co-engineered on Sin Embargo's CD, Super Fugue, which was finally released in late June 1998 after more than a year of frustrating delays that were beyond Sin Embargo's control. In addition to playing drums, Jason's musical talent extended into playing guitar, bass, and keyboards. He usually spent his free time playing computer games, playing guitar, writing and recording songs for himself or his friends, and listening to plenty of good music, such as Metallica, Soundgarden, Nirvana, Tori Amos, Sonic Youth, Foo Fighters, Korn, NIN, Quicksand, Chris Whitley, Low, My Bloody Valentine, Hum, and Sunny Day Real Estate - to mention just a few.

Jason married his long-time girlfriend Sandra Pilly on June 6, 1997. They then resided near Detroit in the town of Canton, Michigan. Jason became an assistant engineer at the legendary Studio A (which specializes in jazz, R&B, gospel, rap, among other things) in Dearborn Heights in early November 1997 after about four months of interning there, and quit in late May 1999 before he and Sandy moved to Provo, Utah that June.

During the summer of 2000, Jason hooked up with three other musicians from the Provo area and formed a new underground-emo rock band called Gift Anon . He played with that band until June 2002.  In March 2002, Jason began his own recording engineering company called 5x5 Sound, but it only existed for about a year.  On August 18, 2003, Jason & Sandy had a baby girl named Elizabeth Kate.  By the end of 2003, Jason and his family had re-located back to Clarkston, Michigan, but no contact was made to the old Sin Embargo camp until late July 2006, when Jason unfortunately bore the bad news that he and Sandy had just ended their 9-year marriage. 

Jason married his current wife Kelly in 2007 and currently lives in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada, with their blended family of 4 daughters, and works in the IT field.  Kyle and Eric have re-connected with Jason a few times on-and-off since August 2006, and have entertained the idea of possibly getting back together for a one-off "classic" Sin Embargo reunion at some point....

Jason Hofer, Nov. 2000
Jason Hofer playing guitar in Utah with his 1st post-Sin Embargo band "Gift Anon" in November 2000.

The last Sin Embargo gig that Jason drummed at as a full band member was the January 18, 1997 show at Olde Jamestown Hall near Saginaw. During Jason's remaining weeks with the Sin Embargo camp from late January to late May '97, he had the opportunity to play drums or even rhythm guitar as a guest performer at a few of their shows, but due to work, moving, and wedding preparation duties, he was unable to do so - with the exception of the January 29, 1997 gig at Rubble's in Mt. Pleasant, where he played some rhythm guitar while then-new drummer Ed Stark took over. Jason was still able to assist with the early stages of the completion of Super Fugue, as well as the new Sin Embargo website during the spring of 1997, at least. Kyle and Eric missed Jason's input, but realized that he needed to move on upon getting married in June 1997.

Additional post-Sin Embargo encounters with Jason Hofer:

Jason must also be thanked for contributing some of the early artwork & photo scans to the Sin Embargo Website.

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