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Geoff Wilbur's Renegade Newsletter (Lansing Edition), Volume 7, issue 1L, page 7. (September 1999) - Super Fugue review:
"The Kipp brothers (Eric and Kyle) are joined on drums by Jason Hofer on this release.  Veterans of the mid/east Michigan scene though still pretty young, these guys rock the house live.  Musically, Sin Embargo delivers a CD of loud, raucous, tuneful, punk-based hard alt-rock; this CD does a pretty good job of capturing the band's live energy.  Personal favorites include 'Rotund' and 'Homemade Water'." - by Geoff Wilbur.

It's Our World Magazine, Issue #2 (February 1999) -  Super Fugue review:
"Sin Embargo's latest album has to be their best work yet, since their first release, Nevertheless, in 1993.  This album reminds me of some classic metal with a punk influence, it's sure to make your body rock.  Every song is well-written and most of the lyrics are really good too. You can pick yourself up a copy of this CD on their website, ...  We also may be selling this CD through our mail order catalog." - by Rick Bongiorno.

Geoff Wilbur's Renegade Newsletter (Industry Edition), Volume 6, issue 2I, page 8. (November 1998) - Super Fugue review:
"Sin Embargo (4891 W. Genesee Rd., Lapeer, MI 48446-3633) comes across as the band most likely to get the mosh pit started at the festival.  With its funky, hard-edged guitar-driven tunes about youth and chaos, the 12-song album Super Fugue sounds like an alt/metal/punk skateboard music video." - by Jack White II.

CMLife, Volume 81, Number 11, page 11. (September 23, 1998) -  Super Fugue review (and show preview):
"Sin Embargo to play at Rubbles tonight"
"Fans of Sin Embargo's buzzing guitar-based rock will be happy to know the band has successfully captured that sound onto a full-length CD.  The band's live sound, which has been described as "raw underground rock", comes across as just that on Super Fugue, the band's new album.  From a style standpoint, this album could easily fall under classic rock or modern rock.  This album has songs from throughout the band's six year career, and provides a good document of the Sin Embargo sound.  The band, which started in Lapeer, has encountered some changes throughout this time.  While brothers Kyle and Eric Kipp have consistently handled guitar and bass duties respectively, a revolving cast of drummers has filled out the band. 'There have been almost six of them,' Eric Kipp said. 'So you could say we've had Spinal Tap syndrome, but none of them are dead, as far as I know.'  On Super Fugue, Jason Hofer handled the drum duties quite well.  He supplied punk and hard rock inspired beats on tracks such as "The 'Boy'", "Beets, Butter & Piss" and "Stated As Underrated", while providing more reserved rhythms on "Between 17" and "Kind".  The album never slows down.  The catchy osinato bass line and smart vocals make "Rotund" a good listen, while "Stated As Underrated" keeps the CD going strong.  The second half of the album finds the band stretching out into more jam oriented material, and the lyrics start delving ever deeper.  Kyle, who wrote all the songs on the album with the exception of "The 'Boy'", which was penned by Eric, gives the listener linear lyrics which, at first glance, are very straightforward, but after several plays create strong images that are open to interpretation.  Since the recording of this album, a new drummer has stepped in, as Hofer left the band in order to get married.  Currently, Chad Calton, a former CMU student, is handling the job.  Now that the band has a full-length CD, it plans to start looking at record labels.  'We wouldn't mind getting signed to an independent label here in Michigan,' Eric said.  But for now, Sin Embargo is going to get down to business as usual:  playing its brand of raw, underground rock live.  The band can be seen tonight at approximately 10:30 at Rubbles, 112 W. Michigan St. with the Riley Cat Blues Tribe, and copies of Super Fugue will be on sale.  - by Rob Gehl.

Static-zine, pages 7-8. (January 1996) -  Underneath review:
"This tape sometimes reminds me of the older Kiss albums. I guess it's because of the very memorable yet heavy music. S.E. are without a doubt a heavy band riding down their own hard rock, metal path and this recording represents them very well." - by Todd Nuzum. (this issue also includes some live photos of Sin Embargo...)

Riff Magazine, Volume 1, Issue 7, page 13. (June 1995) - Underneath review:
"A top quality production, it could hold up to any major label release. Sin Embargo gives off that professional vibe, nine songs of uptempo, foot stomping rock-n-roll that is not afraid of the mainstream and embraces a style of music that has never failed to deliver. Heavy guitar, thick bass and solid drums that actually make for great driving music! Sin Embargo are another great example of the great diversity of styles in mid-Michigan. Look for 'Beets, Butter & Piss', and 'Fud'. Cool!" - by Gane Williams.

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