Nevertheless (Fixed & Remixed) (1994)
Nevertheless (Fixed & Remixed) cover

This list shows the songs that appear on (Fixed & Remixed), plus who wrote them, and when:


SIDE TWO: Personnel on Nevertheless (Fixed & Remixed):
  • Kyle Kipp - guitars & vocals
  • Eric Kipp - bass guitar
  • Jason Hofer - drums; vocals, guitars, bass & drums on "Library"
  • Mike Boyd - drums on *.
    The 16-song Nevertheless (Fixed & Remixed) cassette is kind of like Sin Embargo's "second first album" - basically replacing the original Nevertheless - in August 1994. This collection took the four-track recordings from the original Nevertheless that Kyle, Eric, and Mike Boyd had recorded late in the summer of 1993 and updated and re-recorded some of the songs with Jason Hofer drumming, recording and engineering with better equipment - such as a Fostex X-28H four-track recorder, some good new microphones, better amps and drums, and a new PA head for mixing. This was done on-and-off between April 20 & August 17, 1994 at the Kipps' house (a.k.a. "Cat Box Studio") in Elba, Michigan. Yes, Jason had just been in Sin Embargo for only about six months at the time and he had done wonders with the drumming on several of the bands' older tunes. Plus, Jason had written and recorded (all by himself) a short and sweet original song in March 1994 called "Library" that Kyle and Eric felt needed to be put on some future Sin Embargo album. (By the way, the recording sessions for Underneath had begun in July of '94 at a real 16-track studio, so the thought of putting "Library" on Underneath would not have worked because Jason's four-track version was really raw and cool and it just would not have fit on there...) For once, Sin Embargo actually put some production values into Fixed & Remixed by doing some guitar and vocal overdubs and track bouncing for multiple drum tracks, etc. After the six other old Sin Embargo originals that Kyle, Eric & Jason had re-recorded were done in mid-August '94, Jason and Eric took all the tapes from the Mike Boyd sessions of '93 and the new four-track recordings from '94 (including "Library"), and remixed everything on better equipment at Jason's house (a.k.a. "Hofer Hole Studio" in Hadley, MI) to get a somewhat clearer sound than the original Nevertheless. Nevertheless (Fixed & Remixed) was officially released on 60-minute cassette on August 21, 1994, and sold halfway decently considering that it was still of homemade demo tape quality. To give Nevertheless (Fixed & Remixed) the "ultimate treatment" for what it was, Eric lobbied to get the recording digitally remixed in March of 1996 at Glen Related bassist Joel Butts' Watchtower Recording studio in Owosso, Michigan. The digital remixes that Sin Embargo and Joel did were mastered to CD-R in late November 1997, and a crisper, sonically corrected, 2nd-generation Nevertheless (Fixed & Remixed) was released on cassette shortly thereafter. Please check the Sin Embargo merchandise page for pricing and availability of this album.

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