KK Dirty Money & Las Drogas: Bio
KK Dirty Money 11/8/03 - by Jeff Potoniak
Ladies & Gentleman, thankya very much!! Dirty, here, to give ya the hoo-ha about the ho-down…
I've been playin' in the respectable rock trio Sin Embargo since 1992...
Sin Embargo ran around playin' all over good ol’ Michigan (from Detroit to Grand Rapids, Mount Pleasant to Monroe) every horse barn and dive that would hold 'em...
In 2001, Dirty Money (the band) arose spontaneously as a kind of alter-ego to Sin Embargo.
The music was in the same vein:  a type of loud, uptempo surfy/bluzy/punk/rawk n’ roll.
Both bands happily and gloriously played parallel to each other during 2002, until disagreements in the Dirty Money camp in early '03 put that band out of business...  I still wanted to do somethin' different on the side: darker, stripped down and less maximum-volume-intensive that I could bring to new audiences everywhere, whether it be bars or coffee shops or back porches or street corners.  I was lookin’ to play more catchy song-oriented, guitar strummin music, with a focus on lyrics that make you want to think, drawing more from my grizzled influences such as Johnny Cash and Howlin' Wolf.  So, settin' out on yet another musical adventure, I started gettin' used to playin' more without a full-on powerhouse of a rhythm section backing my intricate screaming electric guitar lines.  I developed a more bare-bones and honest way to convey the music that I felt I was livin' straight from the dark underbelly of rawk n’ roll, but with a more personal approach...  In early '03, I added a rotating stable of 2-3 other musicians to play live with me at some gigs - namely Las Drogas.
***hobo-rawk, blackened-blooze, psycho-folk, cracker-punk, goth-a-billy… whatever you call it, it’s grizzled outlaw-love-songs & it's dirty & it's real.***
I like to sing scruffy songs about railroad trains, jail, saloons, grave-diggin'… Creepin' in the back alley shadows and stumbling onto the wrong side of the tracks;  a hot summer night in mid-July, a hangover & a black eye… Good times and pain and the scrappy rawk & roll lifestyle; the good bad things like a dirty night out on the town gamblin' & ramblin' 'round prowlin' the streets thinking 'bout that girl you’ve been tryin' to git off yer mind.  Hopin' ya don’t run into that one girl ya slithered away from, but at the same time hopin' ya run into that other girl you just met… a real soap opera, just no soap… just dirty… Hey, I don’t make the rules, I just break 'em.
KK Dirty Money - December 2003
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