Sin Embargo song Lyrics for Blowin' Mud:

Some Day (Music & Lyrics: K. Kipp)

No problem getting away
But I have a problem because I have to stay
I donít mind finding my place
Just as long as I donít have to stay
I made myself at home with one foot out the door
And I got something good I didnít deserve
She was the greatest treasure

Iím gonna stay
Sooner or later
Iíve gotta stay
Some day

Sooner or later Iíll get through the weather
Some day Iíll get it together
Sooner or later Iíll write you that letter
Some day Iíll treat you better
For one more day, Iíll be yours
In one more day, youíll be mine
You'll be mine

The big picture, I seem to know it well
But if I saw it, I just couldnít tell
You could say I might be lucky
I say thereís no time like the present
To get rid of the past
There's no time like the present
To get rid of the past

Here... waiting... caught in a game
Let down... tense... left on your mind
Stewing... writhing... make up your mind
It was a rude awakening... it opened my eyes
It opened my eyes

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Entrepreneurial Theme (Music & Lyrics: K. Kipp)

You draw the line, but I'll step over it every time
I'll turn it in, I'll turn it out
Then I'll sign up for another bout
I'll feast

I'm a tired man, but I'll feast, I'll feast
Be quick, be gone

My work is never done
All my work is all my fun

It suits ya... it suits ya... it suits ya... it suits ya...
You're just another four feet on the ground, with a head full of wool
Bleating all the same old responses and giving in when they pull
Are you gonna march their march?  Are you gonna talk their talk, sing their song?
Or are you gonna sing your own tune and rise above with your own refined nature?

I tie my own hook and go the never-ending extra mile

All my fun... never done

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Official Mandation (Music & Lyrics: K. Kipp)

Suspended mental state
Yours is mine to take
I just occupy space
Dreaming of just one place

It reminds me of a flight I took
When I was your age
But now the winter comes
And I'm trapped up here in my cage

The heat of the urn
I'm immuned to burn
It's burning red in this homestead
The heat and the pain I feel all again
When I think back to my bane

The waste of my mind
To the incantation
Would you be so kind
And join my official mandation?

   © 1999, 1993 Sin Embargo. All Rights Reserved.

Following Multiple Choice Ethics (Music & Lyrics: K. Kipp)

Life fills one's shoes to the top
When it overflows, then it stops
Let the vice bleed and fall, strike a mean
It is the nature you want
Make your character pristine
Make the character pristine

Don't be the helpless man, habituate virtue all you can
Salient and proper pride - habituate
Opportunity is always at hand
Don't be the helpless man - habituate

Gain all... but what do you wager?
Wager to gain all, but only in this life...

Take your means and build an arch in your life
Then choose to crown its top before it all stops
What do you choose to crown the top?
What do you choose before it stops?

You've got your magninimity, and your just-honors recognized
You counter wit with just actions

   © 1999 Sin Embargo. All Rights Reserved.

Rice Moth City (Music & Lyrics: K. Kipp)

This one didn't quite set in, and it won't ever be felt again
The dry feeling will never begin but we try and try and try breaking it in
Break on in...

Gotta climb on through

Beneath light which has never been seen there's a trace of a face in amounts kept account of
With an expression like that of playing in the waves they break on into the breakers
Break on in, breaking it in...

Forty-six flavors melted into one, with the chemical in front as the powerful one
Break on through before its all done with the chemical in front as the powerful one

On to the rice moth city, where we'll be sifted through
We'll be sorted into various piles and made into sickening stew
We wove our last webs as we boiled in our plans, burning and breaking on into the boiled cool reality, the boiled cool...

Gotta crawl on through.

   © 1999 Sin Embargo. All Rights Reserved.

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