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KK Dirty Money 11/8/03 - by Jeff Potoniak
CD Music Tracks:
Rambliní Man (Hank Williams Sr.)
Acetone (Mudhoney)
Makiní Believe (Social Distortion)
Ring of Fire (Johnny Cash)
King of Fools (Social Distortion)
Mama Tried (Merle Haggard)
When She Begins (Social Distortion)
Story of My Life (Social Distortion)
Born to Lose (Social Distortion)
Bird On A Wire (Leonard Cohen)
Some Day (Sin Embargo)
Inconstant Baby (Lapeer County Rockers)
Bad Luck (Social Distortion)
Ball ní Chain (Social Distortion).

The CD was recorded live 5/3/02 by Joel Butts, owner and operator of Watchtower Recording, Owosso, MI (989) 725-1806
Hey, nobody ever said rock-n-roll was pretty...

Other Tunes in the KK Dirty Money repertoire:
Nothing Hurts Like My Back and Sides (Johnny Shines)
Take 'er Greeezy (Dirty Money)
Power Me (Sin Embargo)
Like A California Plastic (Dirty Money)
Blue Moon (Elvis Presley)
Boogie Chillun (John Lee Hooker)
Delia's Gone (Johnny Cash)
Guess Things Happen That Way (Johnny Cash)
Pipeline (the Ventures)
Way Out Bluze (Dirty Money)
Sinister Surforama In A-minor (Dirty Money)
Thursday (Morphine)
There Stands The Glass (Webb Pierce)
Afro (John Spencer Blues Explosion)
That's Alright (Elvis Presley)
Blue Moon of Kentucky (Elvis Presley)
Guitar Man (Elvis Presley)
Long Black Veil (Johnny Cash)
Live Fast, Love Hard, Die Young (Faron Young)
I Got Stripes (Johnny Cash)
Entrepreneurial Theme (Sin Embargo)
Homemade Water (Sin Embargo)
See That My Grave Is Kept Clean (traditional)
Little Bottles (Lapeer County Rockers)
Long Distance Disconnect (Dirty Money)
King Of The Road (Roger Miller)
Body And Soul (?)

Hey, if yer gonna make an omelet, ya gotta break some eggs!

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