D I R T Y  M O N E Y  T u n e s:

Like A California Plastic* (Music & Lyrics: K. Kipp)
Hit N' Run (Ypsi Rox)* (Music & Lyrics: K. Kipp)
Way Out Bluze* (Music & Lyrics: K. Kipp)
Take 'er Greazy* (Music & Lyrics: K. Kipp)
Trash TV* (Music & Lyrics: J. Plowman)
When I Used To Be Me* (Music & Lyrics: J. Plowman)
Sinister Surforama in A-minor* (Music: K. Kipp)
Long Distance Disconnect (Music & Lyrics: K. Kipp)
*these songs appear on Blowin' Mud

**NOTE: song titles in " " are subject to change.

Bad Luck (Social Distortion)
Blue Moon Of Kentucky (Elvis Presley)
Folsom Prison Blues* (Johnny Cash)
I Wanna Be Sedated (the Ramones)
Inconstant Baby* (Lapeer County Rockers)
King Of Fools* (Social Distortion)
Making Believe (Social Distortion)
Mama Tried* (Merle Haggard)
Ring Of Fire (Johnny Cash)
Son Of A Gun (the Vaselines)
Story Of My Life (Social Distortion)
Territorial Pissings (Nirvana)
When She Begins (Social Distortion)
*these songs appear on Blowin' Mud

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