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Sin Embargo Sound Clips

Below are MP3's of some of the tracks on Sin Embargo's latest CD Blowin' Mud (2002).

"Like A California Plastic" (MP3, 2.67 MB)

"Some Day" (MP3, 3.25 MB)

"Surforama in A-minor" (MP3, 2.83 MB)

"Entrepreneurial Theme" (MP3, 4.26 MB)

"Take 'er Greazy" (MP3, 2.15 MB)

Below are a couple of MP3's from Sin Embargo's previous CD Super Fugue (1998).

"Power Me" (MP3, 3.96 MB)

"Rotund" (MP3, 5.08 MB)

SEE old live Sin Embargo videos on YouTube HERE !

NOTE:  All MP3 files are sampled at a 128 kbps bit rate in an attempt to get decent sound quality without huge file sizes!
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