... and your little dog too! (Bad Dog Records, 2000)
... and your little dog too! (Bad Dog Records, 2000)
Released in September 2000 on Bad Dog Records from Dimondale, MI, ...and your little dog too! is Sin Embargo's third appearance on a compilation CD.  The CD contains 27 tracks from different rock, punk, metal and hardcore bands - most of which are originated in lower Michigan, with others from as far away as New Jersey, Florida, California & Japan!  Sin Embargo's contribution to the CD is the punkish "In Need".  Copies of  ...and your little dog too! are no longer available from Sin Embargo since they have been sold out (as of June 2001), but you may still be able to order them directly from Bad Dog Records.  Check out the Bad Dog Records website or e-mail Ben Graham for more information regarding ...and your little dog too!

Track listing (song title and band) for ...and your little dog too! :

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