37 Soljaz Vol. 1 (37 Productions, 1999)
37 Soljaz Vol. 1 cover (37 Productions)
Released in November 1999 on 37 Productions from Frankenmuth, MI, 37 Soljaz Vol. 1 is Sin Embargo's second appearance on a compilation CD.  The CD contains 37 tracks from different rock, punk, metal and hardcore bands - most of which are originated in mid-Michigan.  Sin Embargo's contributions to the CD are "Power Me" and "In Need".  Copies of 37 Soljaz Vol. 1 are available from Sin Embargo and all the rest of the bands included on the CD, and directly from 37 Productions.  Check out the 37 Productions website or e-mail Matt Dalton for more information regarding 37 Soljaz Vol. 1.

Track listing (song title and band) for 37 Soljaz Vol. 1:

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