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Sin Embargo's primitive first home page was created by Clay Osborn & Kyle Kipp in January 1996 and was located at Central Michigan University in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan at the URL This intermittently accessible and barely promoted page had only about 50 hits before it was deleted by CMU computer personnel in June 1996.

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Sin Embargo's second home page was created by Jason Hofer in November 1996 and was located in Lapeer, Michigan, at the URL This page had about 250 hits and was maintained by Eric Kipp and Jason Hofer until April 1997.

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Sin Embargo's third website was created by Eric Kipp in March & April 1997 and was located at UMCC in Ann Arbor, Michigan, at the URL This page had approximately 1100 hits and was maintained regularly by Eric Kipp until early July 1998, when the UMCC server had to be relocated off the University of Michigan campus due to reasons beyond Sin Embargo's control. Because of this, the URL had to be changed to, but the website's content and layout is essentially the same as the original UMCC website, and continues to be maintained regularly by Eric Kipp.  NOTE:  In January 1999, the original UMCC website address began working again.  UMCC and AIS are now mirrors of each other.

In mid-April 2000, the domain name was finally secured as an alias for the AIS site.

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